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Winston Grammar Word WorksWinston Word Works

Winston Word Works is a grammar application program.
Using the concepts previously learned in the Basic Level Winston Grammar Program or the equivalent, Word Works covers the five most common usage problem areas encountered in the English language.
These include:

 Subject-verb agreement, especially with compound subjects;
 Personal pronoun functions, such as I/me, she/her, they/them, etc.;
 Interrogative pronouns who/whom;
 Comparatives and superlatives, such as bad/worse/worst or beautiful/more beautiful/most beautiful;
 And finally some troublesome words like sit/set, good/well, less/fewer, lie/lay, can/may, and several others.

There are 40 worksheets with a pre- and post-test and four quizzes. It comes with a teacher manual, student workbook and the first five big cards from the Basic Grammar Program used for review.

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