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Advanced Level Grammar ProgramAdvanced Level Grammar Program

The Advanced Level Grammar Program picks up where the Basic Program leaves off. After several worksheets of review, the topics covered are: possessive adjectives, possessive pronouns and nouns, reflexives, interrogative pronouns, present and past participles, correlative conjunctions, infinitives, gerunds, relative pronouns, compound and complex sentences, and embedded noun clauses.

There is a pre-test for placement if the student has previously studied all the basic grammar concepts. This program has 55 Worksheets, four quizzes interspersed throughout the program and a post-test.

A Teacher's Manual, Student Workbook, and a set of color-coded cards are packaged in a velcro-closed vinyl storage case.

Advanced Level Student Package

The Advanced Student Package is a Student Workbook and a card set. Because maximum retention occurs when each student lays down the cards for him/herself and marks his/her own book, a student package is needed when teaching more than one child at the same time.

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