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Welcome To Winston Grammar!

The purpose of The Winston Grammar Program is to help students understand the structure of language and comprehend the principles of traditional grammar. The Winston Program uses innovative means to achieve conventional ends. It does away with the traditional grammar textbook, lecture approach, and heavy emphasis on memorization.
Instead, it gives students a set of color-coded clue cards and a book of exercises, which together generate multi-sensory activities:


Repeated use of the cards results in the students' acquisition of knowledge with little or no memorization required.

Please feel free to browse through our catalog to view pictures and detailed descriptions of the Winston packages. If you already know what you'd like, you can order online!

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Complete Learning Systems!

Both the Basic and Advanced Sets includes a teacher's manual, student workbook, grammar cards, tests, and answer keys - along with a vinyl storage case!

Teach Multiple Students At Once!

A Basic Student Workbook or an Advanced Student Package can be purchased separately for each additional student using the program.


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